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Fan Game Idea: Battle Arena Toshinden REDUX


Greetings! I'm a fan of Battle Arena Toshinden, nonetheless.

I've finally gotten to joining you guys. YES!!

The link above is to my made up fan game idea, "reviving" Toshinden as it once was, but elaborating more on the characters and backstory of the game. While I like the reboot that was presented, let's just say that the gameplay wasn't so great when it hit the shelves.

I also would like help for the official likes and dislikes of the characters as well. I've gotten a majority of the original debut cast done, but characters like Tracy and beyond are a bit hard to nail.

But please, check it out, and enjoy it!



The project looks nice, but it is nearly impossible to make as a fan project. How I know? Well, I study video game development and the sheer amount of work and people you will need to make such a game, especially a fighting game where you will need a lot of animations, great rigs etc. might be a bit too much for being fan made. Yet if there where a way to f.e. mod another game in the direction of Toshinden, changing the character meshes, making new assets, you might be able to pull of something cool. You will still need some more people to help, but at least, I think it is possible.


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