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Jeanne Kaiba in toshinden

bangdun picture request TSD amusement anthology

I really deserve a badge for it. I have digged through the whole house last week to find this manga. Yet, I must admit I am not a good fotographer. I did my best to be able to post some random pics. I apologize for the bad quality.
I tried to capture the boys and the overcute version of Naru, because I know, there are a lot of fans and especially the Sho supporters might like some of this stuff.

I have one more with a nude Eiji, but I am unsure whether I can post this in public. Even if some of his areas are "pixelt" ;)



thaaaankkkss!!! :)

oh my god ohmygod ohmygod thank so much
i know it´s late , sorry but for real thank you thank you thank youuuu!!!!
:) :)

something is wonderme the pic of the girl with the bunny, it´s the same artist from the pics of sofia?.


Re: thaaaankkkss!!! :)

You're welcome. And no, it is not. The Sofia page was drawn by Tsukasa Kotobuki and little Naru by another artist (forgot his name). There is only one story drawn by Kotobuki-sama in this short story collection which is the one with Sofia (not much happens there though...a little bit of fighting and "fan service" ;))


Are you able to scan this like you did the Hong Kong comics?


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