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Jeanne Kaiba in toshinden

Toshinden Manga Takebayashi question

I have a question that is driving me insane since years and maybe some of the hardcore TSD fans can help.
I have the manga serie done by Takeshi Takebayashi, and my japanese reading ability are...well very limited. Has anyone here read and understood them and can answer the following question? Who is the dark haired girl in the black bodysuit that is attacking Eiji, Kayin and Sho at the beginning of vol. 1.?
I was guessing, that she is Cupido, she is later seen "hanging around" with Sho and has a very small resemblance to Cupido. She also stated once, that she is/was a member of the HK. But she fights with knives and so I have wondered, if she could be Akane/Kaede. I know, it is a silly, stupid question, but really, it is driving me nuts.


I was hoping someone would be able to answer this, because I have always wondered the same thing. My copies of the manga aren't in Japanese, so I have no hope of reading any names. <=)

And it's not a silly, stupid question at all! I'd love to know the answer.
Do you speak japanese? If you do, I could maybe do some pictures where she has some dialogue. I have so far not spotted any Katakana that looks like a good clear Cupido, but I can only guess how it would be written anyway..
If you want to take the trouble to photograph or scan some pages, I am happy to look along with you, and perhaps someone else will get involved. I am unable to do translation, because I have not studied for many, many years, and it would take far too long for me to fumble through it [and be very, very rough, haha.] I do still know all of my kana, though, and like you, I would be looking for her name, specifically.

Cupido is クピードー.

Akane, I have usually seen written as あかね but also アカネ.

Kaede, かえで or カエデ.
I will scan the pages, especially the authors comment might lead to some clues. Unfortunately, I lack a Kana writer that works online. But I have thought that Cupido could also be written in Katakana like Kyupido or simple Kupido.
Not sure about Akane, it's a japanese name, so they could possible write it in Kanji too. But I am pretty sure, that your japanese is better than mine anyway.
Oh wow, now I've made a nerd out of myself.
Whoops. Sorry for the late reply, but I didn't realize before now that you had replied!

First of all, being a nerd is a good thing!

I am fairly certain about Cupido, because I have seen her name many times in official materials. I am nerdy enough to have every Toshinden game in Japanese and English, haha. [Well, aside from the brand new one.] I haven't been able to play my Japanese versions for a long time, but I still have them.

As for Akane and Kaede, I can't say for certain. I have seen them written in both hiragana and katakana on Japanese Toshinden fan sites, but I have not noticed them in official materials, so I'm not sure. In kanji, I would guess that Kaede would be 楓, and I believe Akane can be written any number of ways.

I am definitely not skilled at Japanese. I have a basic foundation, but it's quite a bit of work for me to actually translate something. You're probably more skilled than me. =)

Hmm, I think I'll glance through my books this evening and see if I can find anything new. Thanks again for posting!