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fa37strega in toshinden


In her outfit from BAT3.

To be honest that's the only toshinden game I played, well out of all the ones that involved fighting. The other one I tried out was puzzle arena toshinden. I heard from people that the difficulty is fuckin' hard, but since I don't exactly suck at puyo puyo type games, it was quite enjoyable.

Anyway, I decided to make this one look a little nicer than the last post. There are some parts where I rushed but I just wanted to get it done. I spent...... Actually I'm not quite sure, but it took me a good while. :/

As a bonus here's the same pic w/ her alternate palette.

(She looks better w/ lighter skin imo. x3)

Ah and before I forget. I don't care if you post my pics on another site or edit it or whatever.


I really like your fanart. ^-^

And also, where did you play Puzzle Arena Toshinden? Apparently it's an import and not available in the US? I've never even heard of it, and now I really want to play it! ^-^;;
The rom is available here :3


If I had money, I really wouldn't mind purchasing my own copy. But the rom works fine, I haven't experienced any problems so far. If you need help trying to get it to work, I'll try my best to help :p

I'm glad you like my art as well, more is on the way xD
Great work, keep it up :D