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bangdun in toshinden


does anyone have this manga or have any pics from this manga?

i am looking more of this pics, special a battle betwen eiji vs kayin

thanks =)



I guess, when it comes to TSD, answering of a post that is over 6 month old, is not considered a necro :D I have the manga, actually it is not a traditional manga, but a collection of doujinshis (short fan comics), most of them are humorous. Unfortunately, I lack a scanner, but maybe I can talk someone in making some fotos if this is good enough for you. Can't promise anything though...

photos? no problem

Jeanne I am deeply grateful for just read my coment!!! :)

thanks for the info too
all i know about the pics, is from tsukasa kotobuki.

i think he uses another nickname in this manga, well I'm also interested in those artists from this manga.

and photos is good enough for me.

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!


Re: photos? no problem

Actually you are wrong with the Tsukasa Kotobuki part, this is a collection of different artists (more than ten different short stories), he did the cover artwork though and if I remember right, there is one little story done by him (but I could be wrong, since I have not touched it for nearly 6 years and have a large TSD collection). I will try to do the fotos this week, searching for the best pages, so you can see yourself.
Btw, there are rumors about a full TSD manga done by Kotobuki, but I have hunted it for around 15 years without luck, so I hope you are not too disappointed.